First United Methodist Church Roanoke Rapids

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Thy Word, Oh Lord is a Fountain, with Living Waters deep
Throughout the passing ages It has watered many Sheep
Thy Word, Oh Lord is a Burning Lamp unto my stumbling feet
Lighting my way unto the place where You and I can meet
Thy Word Oh Lord is Pardon from all my sin and shame
Thy Word that Thou has magnified even above Thy Name
Thy Word Oh Lord each passing day brings such sweet Peace to me
Thy Word Oh Lord is full of Grace and Power and Purity
Thy Word Oh Lord is my Daily Bread
And Thy Spirit the Oil that anoints my head
Thy Word is my shelter from life’s raging storm
Thy Word is the Fire that keeps me warm
Thy Word is the Sword with which I must fight
Thy Word puts all my foes to flight
Thy Word is my Fortress that keeps me from fear
And my Guardian Angel that hovers so near
Thy Word is my Comfort when I am weak
Thy Word is Thy Voice with which Thou dost speak
Thy Word is a Friend in whom I confide
A Friend Who is always close by my side
Thy Word It begat me when I was lost
Thy Word did guide me straight to The Cross
And when all the words and works of men
And the world itself is gone
Thy Word Oh Lord shall yet endure
And lead us safely Home.

~ Arvil Jones ~