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Bethlehem Food Pantry

Lives change when we help in our food pantry.   First United Methodist Church provides a bag of groceries for those in need.  Tell a life changing story and be a part of providing food and love for our community on the 2nd & 4th  Wednesday of each month.

Recognition of food pantry

Note of Appreciation: Along with the Angels Closet and Boys and Girls Club, the Bethlehem Food Pantry has been chosen to receive monthly contributions from the Exchange Company in the Mall. Volunteers are needed at the Exchange Wednesday through Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Please contact Ellen Heaton at 532-4066 to volunteer.

This is another confirmation that we are changing lives with the Bethlehem Food Pantry. We are very appreciative of all the community support that has been given.

L-R:  Nancy Walker-Reilly, Becky and Don Malcolm, Bill Amerson, Paster CB Owens

School Supply Ministry

Dear First United Methodist Church:

I would like to share a few comments from our teachers who were fortunate enough to get some of the supplies you brought us:

“I got some scissors for students in our classroom and it has been wonderful not having to make the children share.”

“I got folders and paper for one of my student who had no supplies. It has enabled my student to start off her year with her needed supplies. Thank you so much!”

“I got headphones for a few students whose parents had not purchased any for them. Students who don’t have headphones are often self-conscious and don’t understand why they don’t have them. I also got boxes of crayons that they really needed.”

“I could supply several children with folders, colored pencils, and crayons! Wow, how wonderful!”

“I took several glue sticks because my little ones love to push them all the way up and push them down with the tops! These sure come in handy! Thanks!!”

“I got some folders and paper to prepare for a new student. We went ahead and prepared their folders so they would be ready to start when they got here. I also used some supplies for those students who didn’t have all of their supplies. It was wonderful!”

“I got some notebook paper for some students who brought none to school.” Thanks so much!!”

“I got some paper and pencils for my Fourth grade students who needed them to use for their notes, vocabulary, and spelling. It has been wonderful to have these supplies!”

“I had several students in my room that did not bring any supplies so I was able to use crayons, erasers, glue sticks, and notebooks for them. It was great to be able to supply these students who were in need.”

“Thank you so much for your donations. It helped several students in my class get their needed supplies. By your generous donations, it shows you care and want everyone to be successful. Words can’t express the joy a student has when they have everything they need for school like everyone else and are not left out. Thank you so very much!!”

I wanted to let you know just how much you kindness has meant. 

Janice Hubble

Belmont Elementary School

Birthing Kits

Churches asked to prepare birthing kits

In partnership with the NC Conference Mission Team under the leadership of Steve Taylor and the Conference Church and Society Commission, United Methodist Women are being asked to make UMCOR Birthing Kits. Every 90 seconds a woman somewhere in the world dies from complications during pregnancy or childbirth. 356,000 women die every year, most of the deaths occurring in the developing world. Birthing kits provide the essential items to promote a safe, clean delivery and to encourage good after care. Using a birthing kit can double a woman’s chance of surviving the birth.

Each local unit is being asked to assemble kits and have their kits blessed on the altar on Mother’s Day, May 12. The birthing kits will be collected at Annual Conference, which is June 12-15 at the Greenville Convention Center. Local units can send the kits by the Lay Member to Annual Conference or deliver them to Greenville themselves.

Birthing Kit Instructions, Video, & Mary’s Advent are below:
Value: $ 8.00 per kit

  • 1 small bar soap
    • 1 oz. to 2 oz. size
    • do not remove from original packaging
    • small bars such as those found in hotels are acceptable
  • 1 pair latex, surgical or thin rubber gloves
    • gloves are not required to be sterile
    • no kitchen or thick rubber work gloves
  • 1 square yard of clear plastic sheeting
    • must be 4 mil thick
    • plastic trash bags and shower curtains are not acceptable
  • 3 - 12 inch long pieces of cotton string
    • must be clean
    • secure the pieces of string by bundling and tying them together
    • no yarn please
  • 1 single edge razor blade
    • must be covered in paper or cardboard to keep it from causing injury
    • regular shaving razors are not acceptable
  • 2 receiving blankets
    • 30”x 30” or 32”x 32” size
    • no thermal or fleece blankets please
  • 1 plastic bag
    • one gallon size sealable bags only

Assembly Directions
Fold the plastic sheeting and blankets so they will fit easily into the plastic bag. Lay the loose items on top of the blankets and plastic sheeting. Slide all items into the plastic bag. Squeeze as much air out of the bag and then seal it.

Important Notes
‐ All items must be new.
‐ Do not wash any of the items as they will be considered used.
‐ All emergency kits are carefully planned to make them usable in the greatest number of situations. Since strict rules often govern product entry into international countries, it is important that kits contain only the requested items – nothing more.

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