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Prayer Concerns:

Javan Brinkley (16yr. old), Janice Burroughs (Mary-Frances Fisher’s daughter), Mary Ann and Taylor Crawley (friends of Myrt New), Lisa Forsyth (friend of Jean Ricks Lucas), Charles Gay, Hailey Gipson (25 years old, David Rhodes’ sister’s granddaughter),Agnes Jenkins, Bob LucasSam Simmons (Jim & Beth Miller’s nephew), Marshan Stahl (Signature, room 9), Eddie WellsJim Whitman (Tawnya Gray’s father).  If you have someone you would like to add or add back on to the prayer list, please contact Tawnya during the week.  Thank you.

If you would like to place loved ones on the FUMCRR prayer list, send us their name and praise or prayer concerns and photos of your choosing...

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Interesting Bible Facts

Most mentioned names in the Bible

An interesting Bible fact regarding humans mentioned in the Bible is that David is mentioned more time than Jesus!

  • David is mentioned 1118 times
  • Moses is mentioned 740 times**
  • Aaron is mentioned 339 times
  • Saul is mentioned 338 times
  • Abraham is mentioned 306 times
  • Solomon is mentioned 295 times
  • Jacob is mentioned 270 times
  • Joseph is mentioned 208 times
  • Joshua is mentioned 197 times
  • Paul is mentioned 185 times
  • Peter is mentioned 166 times
  • Joab is mentioned 137 times
  • Jeremiah is mentioned 136 times
  • Samuel is mentioned 135 times
  • Isaac is mentioned 127 times

**Note: The second most commonly occurring name in the Bible is "Jesus", which occurs 973 times.